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About us

About Magazine

About Magazine

We celebrate the new. We appreciate the steps that brought us here, but keep moving forward.
We celebrate music, wine, and spirits – and the places where they meet.

Music, wine, spirits – they are inseparable. Where one goes, the others follow, dancing to the same tune that calls us all.

Every note you hear in your ear is a taste waiting to touch your lips. Whether the music makes you get up, get down, get hype,
change the world, or just chill until the next episode – there’s a flavor note for that.

Just try to imagine an era of people without music in their minds and a glass in their hands.

If you can’t – we’re calling you.

We are creating a community. A real community. One that only comes from true individuality – a group of single, defined pieces giving form to the movement as a whole. is an innovative collective of musicians, distillers, writers, winemakers, artists, and anyone else bound by their curiosity and desire to make the world a better place. We are love in action.

And no matter who we are, we are travelers. Physical and digital nomads in the ever expanding universe. We are carving and connecting our culture, we are both creator and creation, we empower the same community that empowers us. We see the direct impact our actions have on our world and strive to take the best road forward. This is what is all about.

If you are with us, we have one common goal: to stay authentic – and feel good doing so. And to feel good, you have to do good. One can’t live without the other.

So we reach our goals by reaching out, by raising each other up. We share stories, journeys, hardships, and triumphs. We shine in our joys and excitements. We own up to our pains and failures.

We greet the duality of life with open arms. In a world of pretense and inhibition, we dare to be honest and vulnerable, to embody our own reality, tear through layers of social niceties, rip the masks from our faces and stand – raw and real in front of the world.

And we are rewarded, knowing we are not alone. That if only for a moment in time, if only for this moment, we are seen for who we truly are.

This is the next step forward.
Will you take it with us? Magazine Magazine