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16 Mother’s Day gifts for Wine Moms

By: lindsay-dye

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Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Do you know what you are going to get for your wife or mom? Our moms are so special. They take care of everyone without even asking for help. Even though we should show them appreciation every single day, Mothers Day is just one of the special days set aside to show our mom’s just how much we love them.

So what do you get for your wife to show her how much you love and appreciate her? Does your wife or mother love everything to do with wine? We know some moms that do, so here are our top choices for gifts for those moms that enjoy their wine.

1. A handmade gift from the kids

Most likely if your wife loves wine, she has wine decorations all around the house. It’s really easy to decorate wine bottles yourself. Have a fun decorating session with your kids. You’ll have to have at least one wine bottle available to paint. If you have multiple kids, maybe they will want to decorate their own bottles. Once your wife finishes some bottles of wine, casually grab the bottle from her to keep for the upcoming holiday!

2. Breakfast in bed

This one is a Mother’s Day classic. It doesn’t take a whole lot of planning and expense, other than getting your kids up early and keeping them quiet enough not to wake mom up! This activity can be a fun thing to do with your kids, and the kids will love surprising mom. Oh, and since your wife is a wine lover, don’t forget to add her favorite mimosa mixture.     

3. Cook dinner

One thing that I’m pretty sure all moms would love on Mother’s Day is not having to cook dinner. Tell your wife you have it handled, hand her a glass of wine, and tell her to relax. Cook her her favorite home cooked meal, and overall this gift is a win!

4. Her favorite bottle of wine

This gift is a given for any mom that loves wine! It can be a stand-alone gift or combined with other presents. If you know the type of wine, but find a new brand she may like, this can also be a good gift idea for those #winemoms.

5. Take your wife to her favorite restaurant

If you aren’t really into cooking, or just don’t feel like it, going out to dinner could be the perfect gift. Either take the kids or leave them with grandparents for the evening. Either way, your wife will enjoy not having to cook. Oh and don’t forget to have her order a glass of wine!

6. Flowers

Another excellent gift for any holiday involving your favorite woman is flowers. Flowers are just a nice pretty touch. They can also be combined with other gifts, such as of course a bottle of wine.

7. New wine glasses

If you pay attention and notice that your wife has her eye on some new wine glasses, then this my friend is the perfect opportunity to get those for your wife! Even if you can’t find the exact type she’s looking for, some new wine glasses just show that you were paying attention to her. If your wife is a wine lover, she probably can’t have too many wine glasses!

8. Decorated wine glasses from the kids

So your wife loves wine glasses. Another way to incorporate the wine glass gift is to buy a few regular glasses and have your kids decorate them. They may not be used all the time, but I guarantee your wife will love the handmade gesture.

9. Jewelry

If your wife is not only a wine fan but also a jewelry fan, then most likely you can’t go wrong with this combination. There are all kinds of mothers day jewelry, from necklaces, bracelets, to rings. These even can be customized with your kids’ birthstones or names. Some will even the kid’s birth dates. Any type of mother’s day jewelry would be an excellent addition to a gift with a bottle of wine.

10. Mini vacation to local wineries

There are many wineries all over the US. Most likely you know of a few that are in your surrounding area. An excellent gift for wine moms could be a 3 day weekend visiting some vineyards.

11. A date with her friends to a winery

If your wife just really wants some time away from the kids, sending her out on a night with her friends could be just what she wants. Arrange for a night when all her friends are available. Get it all set up, so she doesn’t have to do anything but show up. This could be a wine mom’s dream gift!

12. An uninterrupted bath

Something as simple as taking a shower by yourself can be a hard task to do for moms. A perfect gift that doesn’t cost you anything, except for a glass of wine, is sending your wife to take a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine. Keep the kids out of the bathroom for her, and she’ll appreciate the gift probably more than you know.

13. Mani-pedi

A lot of spas and businesses that do manicures and pedicures now serve wine. What better way to relax than for your wife to sit and have a glass of wine while she gets her toes done? Since we are heading into summer and sandal season, help a mama out and send her to get her toes done!

14. Subscription to the wine of the month club

Have you heard of this wine of the month club? It’s kind of a genius gift for those that love wine. Every month you’ll get a new wine shipped to you. There are different packages so you can pick the absolute perfect one that your mom or wife will love. It is ideal for those that are wanting to try new wines and brands.

15. A trip to wine country in Cali

If you are really looking to spoil your wife or mom this year, surprise her with a trip to Northern California where vineyards are plentiful. California is a beautiful state with many wineries. A trip to Cali may be a bit pricey, but if your wife or mom loves wine, she’ll love this trip.

16. Mother’s day card

A very simple, but appreciated gift for moms could be just a card and a bottle of her favorite wine. Either buy the one or have the kids make her a card. Either way, she will appreciate the gesture.

Whether you want to really go all on a gift, or keep it simple, these gift ideas will be perfect for moms that love wine. Either in a glass or a bottle, wine lovers will never turn down gifts that involve their favorite beverage. On this Mother’s Day, spoil your wife or mom with gifts that they will love.

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